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BREAKING: Biden’s “Celebration” of July 4th Leaves Much to Be Desired 🎇



It’s no surprise that Biden’s economic plan has been all talk and no substance. When it comes to holidays like America’s birthday, the truth is crystal clear: it actually sucks.

So, let’s take a look at how “Bidenomics” is really helping you celebrate…with sky-high grocery bill this July 4th! Thanks to Biden’s disastrous policies. Prices have skyrocketed, making your cookout a 14% more expensive affair than just two short years ago!

  • Ground beef? That’s up by a whopping 4%!
  • Buns? They’ve gone up a jaw-dropping 17%!
  • Potato salad? Brace yourself for a 5% increase!

Seriously!? Is this the kind of celebration we deserve for our great nation?

America’s economy needs to be set free from Biden’s reckless spending, burdensome taxes, and stifling regulations so we can really live the American dream again.

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