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BREAKING: Here’s Why Wokeness Is Weakening National Defense



In recent years, the United States military has been grappling with a recruitment crisis, with a staggering 35% decline in white recruits over the past five years. These alarming statistics, obtained by The Daily Caller, reveal a significant downturn in enlistment across all branches of the military, raising concerns about the nation’s defense capabilities. While some may attribute this decline to various factors, an emerging narrative points to the influence of “wokeness” and its impact on the armed forces.

The Numbers:

The data presents a stark reality: white recruitment in the Army dropped by 44%, from 44,042 to 25,070; the Air Force experienced a 31% decline, from 21,593 to 15,068; the Navy saw a 25% decrease, from 24,343 to 18,205, and the Marine Corps witnessed a 34% drop, from 21,455 to 14,287. Despite a slight increase in minority recruits, it is clear that their numbers are not sufficient to compensate for the loss in white enlistments.

Factors Behind the Decline:

Experts attribute the decline in recruitment to various factors. Growing distrust in government institutions, more appealing civilian opportunities, and a perceived left-wing influence within the armed forces are cited as contributing elements. The prioritization of “diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)” over military readiness has raised concerns among those who believe that the core mission of the military is being compromised.

The Global Context:

As these recruitment challenges persist, the Biden administration faces international crises involving kinetic conflicts in Ukraine, the Middle East, and potential tensions with China over Taiwan. The question of whether the U.S. military can effectively address these challenges with a dwindling and possibly less prepared force becomes increasingly pressing.

Lowering Standards:

To counteract the recruitment crisis, the military has resorted to lowering standards. In a concerning move, the Navy recently removed the high school diploma or GED requirement, sparking debates about the potential impact on the overall readiness and effectiveness of the armed forces.

Tucker Carlson’s Perspective:

Tucker Carlson, a prominent conservative commentator, echoes the sentiments of many concerned Americans, especially parents. In a recent conversation with actor turned podcaster Russel Brand, Carlson expressed his apprehension, stating, “I’ve got four draft-aged children. So if you’re playing recklessly, fast and loose with their lives, then I have a right to despise you. And I do.”


The decline in white military recruitment, coupled with the broader recruitment crisis, highlights a complex issue facing the United States. The influence of “wokeness” and the prioritization of social agendas over military readiness raise legitimate concerns about the country’s ability to address global challenges. Striking a balance between diversity and maintaining the highest standards of training and readiness will be crucial for the U.S. military to navigate these turbulent times effectively.

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