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Here Are The 5 Critics Conservatives Can Actually Trust (Besides Me!)



You’ve come to love and trust me as The Conservative Critic and rightly so. I find that in large, while we have creative differences most of Hollywood’s critics and I share our views on the quality and entertainment value of the films we analyze here at Free Press Fail with one big caveat: When it gets political – which is often these days. 

Its rare you can find an ally who will cut through the elitist echo chamber of liberal salivation and call out a crappy movie for what it is even if its a progressive dreamscape. Even more rare is a critic like the Conservative Critic (aka moi) who will point out the liberal agenda on an easy meter scale so you can choose to skip it or be well prepared to take the brunt of it. 

But there are a few good guys like me out there. So if you’re ever looking for a second opinion on my work or a movie I haven’t reviewed (frankly I just can’t do scary movies) check out these conservative film buffs: 

  1. John Nolte, Breitbart 

Nolte is not only a film critic for Breitbart but he takes on the role with a lot of enthusiasm and skill. Not only are his critiques thoughtful and well educated but he addresses the politics in the themes and directorial choices. Check out his review on The Quiet Place 2 (you will not be getting one from me: too scary) here.

  1. Tyler Hummel, Cultural Review and Geeks Under Grace

I’m a bit obsessed with Tyler Hummel as a fellow critic. Not only is he the editor and chief of the which is full of review content including retro film reviews like this one, movies and films but he also contributes to another review project GeeksUnderGrace which combines a conservative lens for film (and game and book) reviews with a faith based lens. His reviews are rather specifically masculine in my read (a fresh take from my clearly feminine analysis) and they tackle a lot of films I probably wouldn’t bother with. Check out his review of Army of the Dead here.

  1. Eric McDonough, “The Conservative Film Buff” 

Short and sweet, Eric sticks mainly to Twitter for his reviews. They are sharp, on point and referential to anything from new films to classics to AMC stocks and Disney legal briefs to calling out terrible liberal takes on movies. Follow him @ConFilmBuff on twitter or check out his website and podcast.

  1. Emily Jashinsky, The Federalist 

The Cultural Editor at the Federalist, Emily’s job description falls far beyond film. But as a critic, I appreciate her takes as one of the only fellow conservative women in the game. Emily has a keen grasp on artistry and quality but she also has a sharp eye for liberal bull. Here she agreed with my analysis on Promising Young Woman and gave a deeper looking into the tropes of the Me Too movement. 

  1. Brad Slager,

His bio for says he covers politics and the “business side of show” which endears me to his style immediately. Brad covers a lot of the film industry re: how did the film do at the box office? How are theaters doing? He also reviews books and other mediums on occasion all while connecting the dots to the greater political picture. Check out his recent piece on the “back to theaters” weekend performances of Cruella and A Quiet Place 2.

No one quite does it like the Conservative Critic at FreePressFail (our metercheck is unmatched in the conservative film buff sector) but these like-minded film geeks are trustworthy and talented if you’re ever looking for a slightly different angle or think I’m dead wrong about my reviews (never!). 

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