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Which Dog from the National Dog Show is Joe Biden?



 On Thanksgiving Day for the last 20 years, NBC has aired the National Dog Show put on by Purina and the Kennel Club of Philadelphia. One of the most prestigious shows in the country, the National Dog Show has become an American Thanksgiving tradition aired right after the parade and before the big game. 

One of the most fun things about dogs other than being the most wonderful and loving creatures on the planet earth is that they often look like their owners. Instead of looking at owners, let’s look at our favorite national dog champions and our least favorite national leaders. 

Here are all the winning dogs at the National Dog Show and their matching Democratic loser:  

  1. Winter the Bulldog and Jerry Nadler 

The non-working group winner got to the podium the same way Nadler gets to House Judiciary hearings.

  1. MM the Lakeland Terrier and Jen Psaki

The winner of the Terrier group and Jen share the same haircut and dead eyed stare.

  1. Claire the Scottish Deerhound and Joe Biden

The Best in Show dog is the first two-time winner and Joe Biden according to the totally real and legitimate vote totals is the most voted for President in American history. Plus they both do better with good handlers. 

  1. Chester the Affenpinscher and Nancy Pelosi 

The winner of the Toy group and Nancy both have extremely expensive but basic looking haircuts and haven’t tried to appeal to the ~regular~ people in a long time.

  1. Sasha the Pyrenean Shepherd and Kamala Harris 

The winner of the Herding group and the runner up for Best in Show shares with Kamala the unlikeliness of ever winning the title they seek to win despite being sort of cute for an aging female

  1. Mo’Ne the Kuvasz and Pete Buttigieg 

The winner of the Working group and Pete Buttigieg are both just extremely white.

  1. Jade the German Shorthaired Pointer and Anthony Fauci 

The winner of the Herding group and Tony Fauci are both skilled at pointing fingers (and noses) and while Fauci isn’t German he does remind me of some famous Germans.

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