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BREAKING: Turns Out, Hunter Biden Can Still Shock Us! Here’s The Latest Scandal



Hunter Biden, the president’s son, has found himself in hot water a time or two.

And it seems the story of his absolute trash past just won’t stop haunting him.

This time, it’s his unruly behavior at a high-end sex club that is making headlines.

Damon Lawner, the founder of SNCTM, recently revealed to the New York Post that Hunter’s disgraceful actions in the club lead to his expulsion. This revelation sheds light on the character of a man who the president claims to be “incredibly proud” of.

Lawner, the club’s founder, described Hunter Biden as “a really bad guy” and “not a good person.” It seems that Hunter’s sense of entitlement knows no bounds, as he allegedly exhibited offensive behavior towards female members…repeatedly!

Lawner’s decision to speak out about Biden’s membership came after the president’s son received minimal repercussions for income tax and gun-related offenses, following a lengthy federal investigation.

During his visits to the club, Hunter’s behavior was so objectionable that Lawner had no choice but to ask him to leave immediately. Reports indicate that Hunter not only violated the club’s strict rule of “always ask before you touch” but also engaged in inappropriate conduct, including allegedly “grabbing women’s asses.” Lawner, who approved all memberships personally, characterized Hunter as belligerent and likened his actions to that of a spoiled child.

While Hunter’s lawyer remained silent on the matter, this incident adds to the growing list of controversies surrounding the president’s troubled son. It raises questions about the values and integrity upheld by the Biden family, particularly when it comes to respecting others and adhering to the law.

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