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Donald Trump and Guy Fieri EMBRACED and the left literally lost theirmind. Here are their funniest reactions:



Donald Trump and Guy Fieri met-up at a recent UFC fight in Las Vegas and it was glorious. Apparently leftists really think they own every cool person in America because they were very mad that Fieri had the audacity to embrace the former President of the United States. How dare Fieri be a kind and good person! What if *gasp* he is one of the 77 million Americans who voted for President Trump???? Or the millions more who still support him? THAT IS A FRINGE GROUP ONLY! HALF OF AMERICA CAN’T BE EVIL DOERS!!!!!

It seems like Trump/Fieri is the 2024 Ticket we never knew we always wanted. As Mayor of Flavortown, Fieri has not only the governing chops but the electoral muster to help President Trump bring in victory.

Here are my favorite unhinged leftist reactions to Guy Fieri being a normal person who might be one of the hundred million who support President Trump (or maybe just a polite and considerate man who treated a former President with enthusiasm and respect go figure):

  1. Some think they should boycott Flavortown. But Flavortown is more a state of mind than a firm location. 
  1. Some feel very personally betrayed. THEY WILL NOT WATCH RERUNS EVER AGAIN!
  1. Some have taken the opportunity to take sides with Anthony Bourdain who openly hated Fieri but is no longer with us to carry on those views
  1. Some feel like having a very commonly held political opinion and being kind to someone openly is unethical 
  1. Some think that people we don’t agree with must be racists! They don’t want them “validated.” No “validating.” They don’t want “normalizing.”  They all got this word from somewhere. Maybe an unhinged newsletter. 
  1. Some think being nice to President Trump proves Guy Fieri is homophobic which is wild because Trump’s primary opponents have all accurately accused him of loving gay people. 
  1. Some think political beliefs should impact your employment but that somehow they are not the fascists
  1. Other’s really overestimate their moral position in this world 

Context on Jack White’s moral righteousness: 

  1. Jack White pleaded guilty to aggravated assault after nine witnesses saw him fly into an unprovoked rage and beat a rival to a pulp because he felt slighted. 
  2. Jack White’s ex-wife has a restraining order against him due to fear for her life.
  3. Jack White has been so rude and mean and even aggressive to so many people over his career that it is literally a hallmark of his character. 
  1. And some blind back those who have overstated their moral position in this world 

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