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CNN Just Doesn’t See The IRONY In Their Latest Nonsense Rant



Well, well, well, look who’s suddenly concerned about age and health! CNN just couldn’t resist making a big fuss about Senator Mitch McConnell’s little speech hiccup at a press event.

CNN’s anchor John Berman got to gossiping about McConnell’s multiple falls this year – apparently, that was a juicy secret they kept from us all. And of course, they couldn’t resist bringing up McConnell’s age of 81 and his past health challenges, including surviving polio as a child. But wait a minute, isn’t he the same age as good ol’ President Biden? Funny how they conveniently forgot to mention that.

Naturally, the recent brain freeze incident with Mitch got them all in a tizzy, raising doubts about McConnell’s ability to keep serving in the Senate. They’re practically counting the days until his term expires in 2026, wondering if he’ll stick around as the Republican leader. Oh, the drama!

But let’s talk about equal treatment here. The media sure loves to play favorites! President Biden has had his fair share of falls and aging signs, but hush-hush – we can’t talk about that too much. Just a few passing mentions of how his team’s handling it, and voilà, nothing to see here, folks!

Biden’s taken a few tumbles – okay, maybe more than a few – but that’s not front-page material for them. It’s all about how they can reassure us that he’s just fine and dandy. Oh, the hypocrisy!

And let’s not forget how Biden himself had the nerve to criticize Trump’s aging signs without acknowledging his own little slip-ups. Classic case of “do as I say, not as I do.” Bravo!

So, CNN, how about a little consistency in your reporting, huh? It’s time to give both sides of the aisle the same spotlight when it comes to aging politicians. Fair and square, baby! Let’s have some real transparency and honesty in the media, for a change.

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