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Conservatives Riled Up by DeSantis’s Choice of Words – Is This the New ‘Basket of Deplorables’?



Ron DeSantis’s recent comment referring to Trump supporters as “listless vessels” has stirred up quite a storm among conservatives. Many of those who stand firmly behind the former president are expressing their dissatisfaction with DeSantis’s choice of words, drawing parallels to a similar incident involving Hillary Clinton when she referred to Trump’s supporters as the “basket of deplorables.”

This comparison highlights the concern among conservatives that their viewpoints and dedication to their political beliefs are once again being dismissed or belittled by those on the opposing side of the aisle. Just as Clinton’s comment became a rallying point for Trump supporters, DeSantis’s statement is now fueling a passionate response from those who feel marginalized by his words.

No wonder he can’t poll above 20 percent!

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