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UH OH! Is Joe Biden Planning Another Lockdown?!



In a riveting press conference this weekend, Joe Biden proudly declared that he’s greenlit a big proposal to spend your hard-earned tax dollars on the creation of yet another COVID-19 vaccine. Can’t you just feel the excitement in the air?

According to ol’ Joe, this new vaccine is an absolute necessity. It’s needed, it’s necessary, and apparently, it works like a charm – at least in his mind. And guess what? Brace yourselves, because it’s probably going to be recommended that everyone and their grandma get a dose of this stuff. No matter if you’ve already been jabbed a dozen times or not, they want to make sure you’re lined up and ready for more. It’s almost like they think we’ve all been twiddling our thumbs waiting for the next injection.

But wait, there’s more! In case you were starting to enjoy a bit of freedom, the good old CDC decided to chime in. They’re waving the flag of warning about a “highly mutated variant” they’ve dubbed BA.2.86. Because apparently, the original script wasn’t captivating enough, so now they’ve decided to throw in a sequel with more mutations than you can count. It’s like they’re competing in the Olympics of virus evolution.

And of course, the World Health Organization had to jump on the bandwagon, too. They’re “monitoring” this new variant like it’s the latest Netflix series. They’re asking for more data, because apparently, their crystal ball isn’t working as well as they’d hoped. But don’t worry, they’re on top of it. They’ve got their eye on three “variants of interest” and a whole lucky seven that they’re keeping tabs on. Maybe they’ll even come up with a variant bingo game – you know, just to keep things interesting.

So, are we really in for another COVID scare? Well, it sure looks like the usual suspects are doing their best to ramp up the drama. But hey, who needs common sense and individual choice when we’ve got government-funded vaccines and a never-ending mask fashion show? Get ready for another round of “just trust us, we’ve got it all under control.” Don’t you just love the sequel?

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