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BREAKING: The Absolute Must-See Memes From Kevin McCarthy’s Ousting



The Speaker of the House was vacated on October 3rd for the first time in American history. Is it funny? Sure it is! Here are all my personal works of art and the other great memes out there. 

Mean Girls Day for the two meanest girls 

“Bring it on” actually aged a lot better than you’d think

Throwback to when Speaker McCarthy was House Alone on his 2nd of 15 speaker votes

Continued throwback to OG Speaker McCarthy burnfest in January 

Remember this Mike Rogers thing back at the Speaker vote? 

I really enjoyed the Mike Rogers attack 

The OG enemy of Speaker McCarhty’s reign IYKYK

Karma is her boyfriend now

Honored to explain this joke 

Here are some from other hilarious internet users. IDK what this one even means per se but: 

This classic reference

This isn’t a meme yet but it will be

That’s all for now. Keep laughing at the clowns!

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