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BREAKING: Was President Biden’s State Of The Union An Absolute Dumpster Fire?



In a highly anticipated State of the Union address, President Joe Biden delivered a speech that appeared to be more focused on pushing Democratic narratives than addressing the concerns of everyday Americans. The evening began with a concerning gaslighting attempt as Biden dedicated the first fifteen minutes to topics such as January 6, the war in Ukraine, and Covid-19.

Political commentator Saagar Enjeti highlighted the statistical reality that most viewers only catch the initial portion of the State of the Union address. With tens of millions tuning in, Biden’s emphasis on Ukraine and January 6th seemed disconnected from the issues that matter most to the American people.

Economic gaslighting took center stage as Biden touted achievements that have faced scrutiny. His claims of $1 trillion in deficit cuts, the addition of 15 million jobs, and taking credit for reducing inflation from 9% to 3% were met with skepticism, with fact-checks revealing misleading information.

A contentious moment arose when Biden turned his attention to the Supreme Court, scolding the justices for overturning Roe v. Wade. With eight of the nine justices present, Biden’s remarks on women’s political power carried a threatening undertone.

The border crisis, a top concern for most Americans in the upcoming election, received belated attention in Biden’s speech. Blaming Republicans for the situation, Biden faced a strong rebuttal from Rep. Katie Britt, who highlighted his early policy decisions, including the suspension of deportations and halting border wall construction.

A heated exchange occurred when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene challenged Biden to acknowledge Laken Riley, a Georgia girl murdered by an illegal alien. Biden’s mispronunciation of her name and the acknowledgment of her killer’s immigration status fueled controversy within his own party.

In a desperate attempt to secure support from Muslim and Arab Democrats dissatisfied with his stance on Israel, Biden announced plans to build a port in Gaza during the speech. This move, however, sparked protests outside the Capitol, branding him as “Genocide Joe.”

The overall vibe of Biden’s 67-minute speech was marked by word salads and a notably shouty delivery. While some left-wing newsletters dubbed it “feisty,” others, like this one, categorized it as “manic.”

Former President Donald Trump, reacting on Truth Social, criticized the media for portraying Biden’s anger as “fiery,” emphasizing the stark difference in their political styles.

In a final assessment, Ben Shapiro remarked that Biden, initially seen as a moderate, has shifted away from that image. Shapiro claimed that, in comparison, Donald Trump now appears more moderate in the political landscape. The State of the Union address revealed a president struggling to address the nation’s concerns, overshadowed by divisive rhetoric and questionable claims.

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