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March Madness: Vacating the Speaker, Candace Owens fired and Kate Middleton Found



It’s Friday and March Madness indeed. Literally everything happened. And that’s after a long month of controversy and twists in the simulation (TikTok bans, Jax and Britney split, Deadspin layoffs, Plan B at concerts, Joe Burrow with Donald Trump and more).

 Here are the key updates from just one Friday: 

After negotiating with democrats to pass a spending bill, Speaker Johnson is on the chopping block with a motion to vacate by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green.

Rep. Marjorie Taylore Greene filed a ‘motion to vacate the chair’ after the House passed a spending bill with the majority of democrats. A ‘motion to vacate” means that the House would vote to oust the Speaker and then have to replace him. Greene didn’t file the motion with “privilege,” even though she could have, which means that the House does not immediately have to vote on her motion. Greene can file privilege at any time which would force the House to vote on whether or not Mike Johnson would stay Speaker. 

Rep. Greene says her motion is meant to serve as a warning and a negotiating tool. She is not the only member who has been unhappy with Speaker Johnson’s performance after replacing Speaker McCarthy. Many see his leadership as Speaker as very much the same in outcome as Speaker McCarthy (though perhaps different in method). 

Remember that only eight Republicans voted to remove Speaker McCarthy from his role and Rep. Taylor Green was not one of them and neither were any of the candidates to replace him once he was removed including conservative favorite Jim Jordan and current Speaker Mike Johnson. 

The Daily Wire has cut ties with Candace Owens

In a move that shocked no one after months of conflict between Candace Owens and Ben Shaprio, the Daily Wire has officially cut ties with the former. People are taking a lot of sides and kind of getting weird about this split but by the accounts of both parties the separation seemed fairly mutually desired with Owen’s saying she is “free.” 

We ‘found’ Princess Kate 

Unless you’ve been completely offline in the last few weeks (in which case…why are you reading this?) you know the western world has been ablaze with light hearted conspiracy about the “missing” Kate Middleton. The memes abounded. 

Kate Middleton herself came out with a video announcing that unfortunately she has cancer and has been going through a hard time. While based on her comments it seems like her prognosis is good, she’s taking time to be with her family and get through her difficult medical treatments. 

Next time maybe the royal press room can just say Kate is taking some personal time instead of faking photos and gaslighting the world with fake tweets and ‘sightings’ of the Princess.

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