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A Brief History of Rigged Elections



Donald Trump has recently hinted that Democratic operatives are working to rig this election against him. Most major news organizations are discrediting this as paranoia, even attacking Trump for threatening the democratic process by airing these allegations. However, this is not unfounded as The James O’keefe videos  have shown that this is happening on a larger scale than previously assumed.

Just take a look at some headlines:

Huffington Post: “George Takei Nails What’s So Dumb About Trump’s ‘Rigged Election’ Gibberish

NBC News: “Donald Trump’s ‘Rigged Election’ Claims Raise Historical Alarms

Vox: “Donald Trump’s “rigged election” myth, explained

Fortunately, Morning Joe decided to clear the air on claims of rigged elections, citing numerous times when Democrats used the same strategy. Watch the Video below:

And when digging deeper things get a little more insidious – especially when looking at this:

Check out the full transcript here:

Where Hillary, as secretary of state, insinuates that Jeb Bush helped his brother steal the election for Al Gore.

And FINALLY, here is a compilation of Democrats complaining of a rigged system:

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