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Despite Reports by the Mainstream Media, @ProTrump45 is a Human, not a Russian Bot



We know the left does not understand the public’s support of Donald Trump, but it seems their denial has reached new levels.


This week, they were so startled to see President Trump retweet an encouraging note from a supporter, that they jumped to the conclusion that the supporter must not be a real person. They immediately started writing stories about the president’s “embarrassing” retweet of what they called a “fake account” or a “bot”.

Before they bothered to check the facts, the fake news machine coalesced behind the narrative that user Nicole Mincey — a real person using the username @ProTrump45 — was not only a bot, but _Russian_ bot. Reports in Washington Post, Newsweek, Talking Points Memo, Teen Vogue, and Vanity Fair all jumped on board with the theory.

But they were 100% wrong. And it wasn’t even hard to prove! After just the smallest amount of research even the liberal rag the Daily Beast was able to confirm that Nicole Mincey is neither russian, nor a bot, and is certainly NOT a Russian bot.

With that confirmation, you’d think these publications would correct their error. But they haven’t. Not one outlet has issued a retraction yet.

We’re waiting.

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