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Top 3 Fake News Responses to Trump’s 1st State of the Union



When President Donald J Trump totally crushed it at the State of the Union, it was clear the liberal backlash would be inevitable. Fakes news can’t handle a Trump victory, despite their regular occurrence.

With all the hysteria, it’s hard to choose the most biased or ridiculous claims made by the media. Truthfully, the list could go on forever. But here’s our Top 3.

#3 Huffington Post Is Worried Russia ‘Gets A Pass’

If you talk to anyone outside of the biggest, most liberal cities in the United States, they’ll tell you the theme of their main policy priorities: AMERICA FIRST.

Apparently, Huffpo still hasn’t talked to any of these people, so they’re wondering why President Trump didn’t discuss Russia more than once at the State of the Union. IS IT MEDDLING? They’re still on that.

But here’s the truth: had the president taken more time to discuss Russia, it would have only revealed the corruption of liberal elites. Hillary Clinton used her Sec of State authority to work a very CROOKED Uranium deal. Democrats used a fake dossier to justify the spying on the Trump campaign and creation of the whole Russian collusion scandal. And Dems are continuing to waste our hard earned dollars propping up an idea of meddling that mostly everyone has agreed is a lie.

Are you sure you want the President to talk about Russia??

#2 Liberals Force Washington Post to Change It’s Real News Headline

When Washington Post did the honorable thing and attempted to print the truth, liberals weren’t having it.

The proposed front page headline, revealed on Twitter, captured like, you know, the whole theme from the State of the Union speech? THAT was just too positive for the readers of WaPo trash.

But have no fear, Washington Post changed the headline to something more vague and flexible, to more easily fit a self-obsessed liberal’s personal bias.


#1: CNN White House Reporter Kate Bennett says Melania Wore a Cream Suit To Protest Her Husband

Last year, women in the Senate wore white to protest President Trump’s perceived sexism.

This year, women in Hollywood wore black to protest sexual assault.

Last night, Melania wore cream in silent protest of her husband and all of his policies, obviously.

“You know, she’s wearing a cream-colored suit there, which I find interesting. Remember last year the female Democratic Senators all wore white.”

As a Republican woman, Melania Trump is not granted the rights to vocally protest like the empowered females of the left, so she must have chosen this fashionable winter cream suit as a quiet shout for help. It is only the boldest of feminists who could save poor Melania from her First Lady prison, if only they weren’t so busy making stupid assumptions about the color of a woman’s clothes.

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