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Fake News

#1 Fake News Story About The Florida Shooting



While the media attempted to turn every report on the Florida shooting into a political statement, they forgot the important things…

Like facts.

The New York Daily News’ went as far as to say 19-year-old murderer Nikolas Cruz was “TRAINED BY THE NRA” in Saturday’s print edition.


Vox followed suit publishing an article headlined: “Nikolas Cruz was reportedly on an NRA-funded rifle team in high school.”

But of course, there is no evidence that the NRA provided marksmanship training to Cruz and even the sources cited by Daily News and Vox agree.

The Associated Press even reported evidence that the NRA saved lives at school at which the shooting occurred, Stoneman Douglas.

The school received a $10,827 non-cash grant from the NRA in 2016 that they used to purchase bulletproof Kevlar curtains that were used to protect students during the shooting.

Wonder why NY Daily News and Vox haven’t issued their updates?

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