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Fake News

The Latest F**K Up From The NY Times is HUGE



Spoons make you fat, guns shoot people, and airplanes did 9/11.

At least that’s the latest fake news garbage to come from the New York Times.

Yesterday, in remembrance of September 11th, the failing newspaper tweeted the following:

Excuse me… “airplanes took aim”??

Wow. Were the aircrafts motivated by some radical ideology? Were these deadly airplanes not directed by anti-American, Islamic terrorists? Are we supposed to believe they acted autonomously?

After thousands of tweets calling out the absolute trash “news”, the New York Times took a moment to tweet a so-called correction.

The problem with this is that the tweet didn’t just lack clarity, it revealed the real, liberal outlook on the terrorists attacks that changed the world. One that neglects to blame the “people who did some things,” and instead places the weight of the entire event on inaminate objects. It continues a disturbing trend that dominates leftist media.

And we will #NeverForget.