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Virginia School Girl Says She Lied To Community, Police, and School About Bullies Cutting Her Hair



Amari Allen, an African-American student in 6th grade in a Springfield, Virginia private school made national headlines after accusing three classmates of cutting her hair.

She has since admitted that she falsely accused them.

Last week, the student herself had appeared on multiple local TV stations to say three white boys, who are classmates of hers at Immanuel Christian School, had held her down on the school playground a week ago and cut her hair, while they they covered her mouth and called her names.

The story quickly spread to almost every media outlet and the little girl had received an outpouring of support from the media and her local community. Even the Fairfax County branch of the NAACP spoke in support of Amari while Fairfax County Police Department began investigating the incident.

But today, the news broke of the big lie.

Amari and her guardians met with school officials, including Principal Stephen Danish, who then released the following statement to parents and the community:

“We can now confirm that the student who accused three of her classmates of assault has acknowledged that the allegations were false. We’re grateful to the Fairfax County Police Department for their diligent work to investigate these allegations… While we are relieved to hear the truth and bring the events of the past few days to a close, we also feel tremendous pain for the victims and the hurt on both sides of this conflict. We recognize that we now enter what will be a long season of healing.”

NBC reports that Amari has admitted to cutting her own hair, but she, her attorney, and her family all maintain that she was in fact bullied.