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Joe Biden Forgets 9 Major Scandals Of The Obama Administration

Sleepy Joe does have a tendency to be forgetful, but this borders on delusional…



This weekend, Joe Biden was caught bragging about the “scandal free” Obama White House. He his audience “if I am your president, next president, I am going to build on the squeaky clean transparent environment we had in the Obama Biden White House.”

Let’s just take a moment to remember a FEW of the disruptions to the Barack and Joe’s “transparent environment.”

  1. IRS targeting scandal
  2. NSA Surveillance/Snowden leaks
  3. Fast and furious
  4. Benghazi
  5. Killing Americans (w/ out trial) with drones
  6. Hillary’s secret server
  7. Iran deal (secret delivery of unmarked cash)
  8. Solyndra
  9. Spying on journalists (Rosengate)

Sleepy Joe does have a tendency to be forgetful, but how delusional do you have to be to think an administration that faced THESE scandals can get away with calling itself “squeaky clean”?

Despite the obvious inaccuracies, no major media outlets have criticized the statement.

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