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President Trump Stops All Immigration



On Monday night, President Trump issued a temporary moratorium on all immigration to the United States during the coronavirus pandemic. FINALLY!

He announced it, of course, in a tweet. 

“In light of the attack from the Invisible Enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens, I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States.”

As expected, the democrats didn’t take this very well, proving once again they’ll fight for open borders against ALL COMMON SENSE. 

Failed Democratic presidential candidate, Eric Swalwell, was one of the first libs to fire back, tweeting that the government doesn’t need “to protect America from immigrants. We need to protect her from you.”

Which, ew, it is gross when he refers to America as “her”. 

Republicans are standing strong together on this one though.

Jim Jordan was one of the first to defend the motion, describing it as “common sense,”  and pointing out the very basic fact that Democrats will ignore: MOST AMERICANS AGREE WITH THIS. 

At a time when Americans are being told to stay at home – it makes sense that we’re not going to let new people into the country, particularly at the very moment when we are trying to restart our economy and prevent any new hot spots and new outbreaks from happening. 

We’re finally focusing on America first.

Now, can we build the wall, too?