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Trump Slams Fox News Lies: ‘The Bible Wasn’t Upside Down!’



(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

On Thursday morning, President Trump let loose on Fox News for “lies” about his photo-op outside of St. John’s church earlier this month.

The president tweeted “A @FoxNews commentator just ripped me with lies, with nobody defending. They talked about the ‘friendly’ protesters (they set the Church on fire the day before. They were anything but friendly), and how I stood and held the Bible upside down – it wasn’t upside down.”

The comments in question were made by Jessica Tarlov during a segment on “America’s Newsroom,” which is hosted by longtime Fox News personality Ed Henry.

The political strategist appeared on the show on Thursday morning to bash the president with a series of unoriginal complaints about Trump’s appearance at Lafayette Park and St. John’s church.

“He went out to Lafayette Park with them where they tear gassed protesters there so he could have a photo in front of a church holding a bible upside down,” Tarlov said.

She added that it “went terribly for him.”

President Trump tagged Ed Henry in his tweet to call him out for his refusal to correct the less-than-accurate comments of his guest.

Though Trump was once a huge fan of Fox News, he has been critical of the network in recent months.

With an increasing number of accusations going without question in an election year as important as this one, many conservatives are also doubting their loyalty to the network.