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Congressman Dan Crenshaw Suggests BLM Protesters Have Something To Do With Spike In COVID-19 Cases, Not ‘a Few People Hanging Out at Bars’



Earlier this week on Fox News, Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw gave a quick update on the Coronavirus pandemic in his home state of Texas.

While he acknowledged the reported spike in infection rates, he said he didn’t buy the mainstream narrative that the increasing number of cases can be blamed on the decision to reopen the economy.

The congressman doesn’t believe it’s the bars, restaurants, or hair salons that deserve the blame.

Instead, Crenshaw pointed out what a lot of Americans have been thinking: it’s the huge mobs of Black Lives Matter protesters throughout the country! While the liberal media has collectively decided to downplay the impact, Crenshaw rejected the notion that the activist marches had nothing to do with it. 

He told Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends that “everybody wants to say it was a few people hanging out at bars that caused this. That’s not true. Texas has been reopening since May 1. We’ve been getting back to normalcy since May 1, and everything was declining as a result. Cases were declining.”

“The spikes,” he continued “happened after tens of thousands of people got together in close proximity. Again, there’s nothing wrong with saying that. That’s — that’s just the truth, and we’re just dealing with it now. It’s not about blaming anybody. It’s just about being honest with causes and effects.”

Crenshaw encouraged Texans to adhere to the proper guidance, but he went further to put the so-called Coronavirus spike in perspective, saying “people should take precautions. We want them to. But we’re going to get through this. It’s a virus without a vaccine, and we always knew this kind of thing would happen, especially when we had tens of thousands of people in the streets just a couple weeks ago. OK, this should have surprised no one.”

Are you listening, media?

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