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Ted Cruz Absolutely Destroys Democrats For ‘Deranged’ Attacks On ACB



Over the weekend, Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News in an interview with Mark Levin where he absolutely let the Democrats have it for their “twisted and deranged” attacks on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett.

Cruz took specific issue with their criticism over religious beliefs and brutal accusations made against her adoption of two children from Haiti.

“It’s twisted and deranged,” Cruz told Levin. “They are coming after her hard, they’re coming after her family, and I think it will get worse. Sadly, this is a pattern we’ve seen.”

But of course, as Cruz noted, this is nothing new for the deranged Dems. It’s a pattern for them with judicial nominees, from Judge Robert Bork to Clarence Thomas to Brett Kavanaugh. And Republicans have never truly paid the Democrats back.

“There’s never been a Democratic nominee who’s been Borked,” Cruz said.

“We’ll engage with them on substance, we’ll engage with them on issues, but the kind of slime and personal attack — you know, for Brett Kavanaugh, he’s got two young daughters. The agony and the pressure that was put on his family was disgusting.”

It’s only the beginning, though. Cruz told Levin it’s probably going to get “worse.” The reason? Same as always: The Democrats will never stop trying to gain more power.

“We’re already seeing Democratic operatives … attacking her young children, which is despicable and should be totally off-bounds, but the left views the court as … central to their agenda for America.”

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