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TIDES ARE CHANGING: CNN Retracts Crucial State For Biden, RCP Shows Him Below 270



Despite the celebrations in the street in the street that suggest Democrat confidence in a clear Biden victory, the truth is: this race for president is still very much in the air.

Ballots are still being counted. Lawsuits are still being filed. And media projections are looking sillier and sillier by the second.

Both CNN and RealClearPolitics have made huge changes to their electoral college predictions that are really destroying the liberal narrative that Biden has got this thing in the bag.

Today, CNN officially changed Arizona to a gray-state toss up. (They previously held the state in LIGHT BLUE, projecting a Biden victory.)

CNN is still counting Pennsylvania for Biden, though, which puts him over the necessary 270 votes to win the presidency.

RealClearPolitics doesn’t share that confidence in the current vote counts. They’ve actually retracted their victory for Biden entirely and released a new map that has him at only 259 votes – with enough toss-up states to swing the victory back to President Trump.

Now… I know the media is unreliable.

I know the media does NOT determine the election – the voters do!

But I’ll never stop finding joy in every single time the media is forced to contradict their own, ridiculous narratives.

I cannot wait to see CNN recall Pennsylvania as well!