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President Trump Might Pardon Julian Assange And The Media Is Furious About It



On Monday morning some reports circulated claiming that President Trump may be planning to pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Many (true) conservatives rejoiced, but the media and the former administrations of both Obama and Bush acted personally injured by the possibility.

And it got me thinking…

The savvy and deceitful way the Mockingbird press has tricked the masses to start naturally associating Julian Assange/wikileaks with Donald Trump is mystifying but still impressive in a horrifying way.

History began well before 2016, and I can remember when lefties and journalists alike swooned over the Wikileaks dumps which exposed the Bush Administration.

Wikileaks initially was lauded by progressives and despised by the neoconservatives.

I don’t think it is Assange and Wikileaks who were compromised, I think its those who’ve changed their tunes due to the political climate.

There is a left/right alliance that opposes the release of the truth about our intelligence operations. Watch as they and their useful idiots fight to keep atrocities classified, and should-be war criminals free and safe. All while true whistle-blowers literally rot in prison.

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