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Hunter Biden’s Latest Project Is Actually Shocking, It’s… Art?



The media’s relationship with Joe Biden’s son Hunter is complicated.

They buried his involvement with Burisma. They banned any mention of his concerning laptop. They covered up any scandalous involvement between him and China.

They even went as far as banning Tweets that were negative towards Hunter!

But they’re not doing a thing to hide the most embarrassing thing ever reported about the supposed President-Elect’s son: apparently, he thinks he’s an artist?

On Wednesday, Vanity Fair wrote perhaps the most flattering piece ever on Hunter’s “first solo art show.”

In it, Biden’s son confessed that painting “is literally keeping me sane.” (This from the guy whose poorly lit nudes are all over the internet suggesting that maybe he’s a little more wild than “sane.”)

Hunter Biden's Laptop on Twitter: "How it started: How it's going:… "

Hunter told the New York Times “I wouldn’t call myself an artist,” but further confession reveals he’s just as self-indulgent as anyone else who would call themselves an artist, so he might as well take the title.

Speaking of his painting, he said “The one thing I have left is my art. It’s the one thing they can’t take away from me or conflate with anything else.”

The artiste is said to present the exhibit in New York City sometime next year.

Wonder if the work will include any self-portraits as revealing as those selfies he left on his laptop?

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