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WOKE AND HILARIOUS: Top 10 Must-See Moments From The Oscars



The Oscars on Sunday were full of terrible political takes and mayhem and lucky for you in an act of great self sacrifice – I watched it all so you didn’t have to and still get to make fun of them.

Here are the top ten best/worst moments of Hollywood’s shiniest night: 

  1. Glenn Close knowing the entire musical history of the song “Da Butt” and performing the corresponding dance
  1. Cutest Oscar attendee of the year, Alan Kim of Minari, telling the E! Red Carpet correspondent he didn’t care about seeing any of the celebrities 
  1. These two people no one knows political take on police and subscribing Netflix (Tavon Free and Martin Desmond Roe who won the Best Live Action Short Oscar for their film Two Distant Strangers)

^ This is barely a paraphrase

  1. Yuh-Jung Youn forgave all of us for not being able to say her name since she got an Oscar
  1. Tyler Perry refusing to hate Police Officers
  1. Frances McDormand howling at the moon
  1. Daniel Kaluuya reminding the room that his parents have had sex at least one time
  1. The awkwardly bored and/or angry audience of people no one recognized
  1. Juaquin Phoenix abruptly ending the ceremony and fleeing the stage after Anthony Hopkins upset the late Chadwick Boseman for Best Actor 
  1. The internet’s reaction to Anthony Hopkins not even being on Zoom for his surprise win