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Listen Up, Libs! We (STILL) Stan Gina Carano And Here’s Why



As you know, earlier this year Disney made the absolutely idiotic and hypocritical choice to fire Gina Carano from the Mandalorian where she played hugely popular character, Cara Dune. Since then, Gina has risen from the fake-news ashes to become the bold, brash, and bright star she was always destined to be. 

The Conservative Critic stans Gina Carano. 

Gina didn’t have to rise out of real ashes because she was never actually burned. A very narrow group of liberals (mainly Disney execs and some Twitter blue checks) wanted us to believe she was canceled but actually the majority of mainstream democrats joined conservatives in feeling like she was unfairly treated. In fact, merchandise featuring the likeness of Gina Carano as Cara Dune is still for sale in major retailers like Walmart. 

This did not stop progressive Senator Heidi Heitkamp from calling her a Nazi which, quite ironically, is the kind of accusation that got Gina fired to begin with.

While her Hollywood roster of films and TV might look a little lighter for a while, her personal profile has skyrocketed since her unfair firing and she has become the face of censorship we’ve needed. Her interview with Ben Shapiro posed the question to all of us: Is it fair for employers to be able to fire employees for political differences? Is that in the spirit of free speech? Would a stone break my glass house?

Let this be a pledge: We at The Conservative Critic (its the Royal “we” as it is just me, your movie-guru, Jenny Z) vow to watch and review anything Gina Carano touches from this day forward and we encourage you all to do the same. Coming soon you’ll be able to see her produce and star in a feature length film in partnership with the Daily Wire and Ben Shapiro. 

Until we get more info on the Carano project, make sure and check out Run Hide Fight, the Daily Wire’s first film project. And a review on that move to come from me soon!

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