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NONCOMPLIANCE ALERT: Meet The New Celeb Who Is Driving The Left Absolutely Crazy



Recently President Donald J. Trump attended UFC 264 featuring fighters Connor McGreggor and Dustin Poirier. As he entered the massive crowd at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, the room erupted into “USA” chants and applause for the President we all miss most. He was even saluted by Mel Gibson.

But instead of attacking President Trump or even Mel Gibson or perhaps Dana White or Joe Rogan, the left had a very specific target. 

Addison Rae has been cyber bullied since the event where she was acting as a celebrity correspondent. The lefty Twitter mob has been “accusing” her of being a Trump supporter as if you could “accuse” someone of something completely benign. Freedom to express political values is a cherished principle of America and Addison would be joining at least 74 million other Americans who support and voted for President Trump. 

Why do they think she is a Trump supporter? Addison has a history of repping the American flag (HOW DARE SHE) and hanging out with Christians (THE HORROR). Then at the UFC 264 she made an effort to approach President Trump and shake his hand and say it was nice to meet him (EVIL WITCH) 

And their bitterness didn’t begin with her polite handshake to the President. The lefty twitter mob went after her because of being a “rumored” Republican and said that a joke she made about being undereducated for a job as UFC correspondent was so inappropriate she should be fired. And they succeeded with UFC ousting her from their correspondence roster. 

Yeah that’s right – Addison Rae cruelly made light of the work put in by poor poor poor underserved minority class of [checks notes] university attending journalism majors? 

So why is Addison getting so much childish vitriol? 

Addison Rae, if you haven’t heard of her which seems impossible, is the darling star of the popular app TikTok where she does viral dances and shares her life with millions of young Americans. She has recently broken into the more mainstream “celebrity” arena first with her public friendship with celebroyalty, Kourtney Kardashian, and this gig as correspondent for UFC. 

So the left has a problem. They can’t possibly allow a beautiful, vibrant, young, aspirational celebrity to have values which diverge from the strictest progressive agenda! They have to stop her before she makes other young people feel okay about being conservative! WHAT IF THEY DON’T FEEL ALONE ANYMORE????

And don’t fool yourself. If it wasn’t President Trump it would be someone else. The centrists swampy fools who think the John McCains and the Mitt Romneys of the world are the “palatable” Republicans are rewriting history and forgetting their own trauma. If this was 2008 and Addison Rae had cheerfully greeted John McCain she would have been skewered just the same. Don’t get me started on the known woman hater, Mitt Romney. 

The left will make any conservative an uber villain. They will make anyone feel bad about supporting them. They will make them monsters. But Addison Rae, who is not remotely a political figure, has a right to quietly and politely support whoever she sees fit. Unlike the left, she doesn’t run around accusing others of crimes against humanity. 

I don’t know who Addison Rae supports politically because she’s never said. Clearly she has reason to believe it wouldn’t be safe for her to say. But whoever she does support, I’m glad she does it respectfully while showing respect to any former President she may meet. 

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