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OLYMPICS UPDATE: Russia Rules Under Biden



The United States Female Gymnastics team took home Gold two consecutive Olympics, 2012 and 2016, and was slated to do so again in 2020 until Joe Biden became President and the Olympics got pushed to 2021. 

Under Joe Biden’s America, the Russians swept gymnastics. I can hear Putin cackling now. 

Not only did the Russian athletes of the Olympic Committee win the women’s event but their men’s team also managed to squeak out a surprise win. Putin will be literally rolling in Gold medals thanks to Joe Biden. 

Is it Joe Biden’s fault that Simone Biles made the brave and correct decision to sit out finals due to mental health? Yes. Is it his fault that Jordan Chiles suffered from chronic rookie performance anxiety making several massive errors? Yes. Is it also his fault that Suni Lee under-performed in the prelims? Yes. All of it is his fault. 

The silver medal hangs heavy on the neck of President Biden. And Putin will sleep well tonight probably wearing all of the gold medals and on top of a moving bear.