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BREAKING: New Report Proves COVID Stats Have Been ALL WRONG



In the last few months, the fake news has reported a huge rise in COVID cases and hospitalizations probably meant to shock the public into supporting Biden’s totalitarian actions.


But now even the most liberal journalists at the Atlantic are reporting that roughly half of the recorded COVID hospitalizations indicate this pandemic is not serious at all.

The Atlantic claims that just under 50% of reported hospitalizations are not for serious cases, they are for completely asymptomatic or mild cases.

According to the report, the numbers misrepresent the issue so badly because the federal government requires hospitals to report every single patient who tests positive for COVID. A positive test adds them to the “hospitalizations” log, regardless of the severity of the case.

Observations, mild symptoms, or hospitalization for unrelated illnesses (with a positive COVID test) all count towards the growing rate.

Of course, the media gets a hold of these totals drafts the fear porn headlines. They create insane narratives about hospitals being overwhelmed by COVID. All to prop up tyranny.

Since hospitalizations have long been considered one of the most serious metrics for tracking the risk of the virus, it’s a little bit of an issue that we’re just learning NOW that half of these reported totals are such BS.

And considering the fear tactics of the current administration, this is a huge admission from the fake news.

Sure that everyone will follow in the footsteps of the Atlantic and correct the record, right?

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  1. Joe

    September 14, 2021 at 12:15 pm

    What they aren’t telling u, and lying to u about, is that a majority of these cases are people that have already been vaccinated, are the ones becoming sick and being admitted to the hospitals, and dying, not unvaccinated people. We know they aren’t telling the truth, so who can believe a word these liars tell us. Hidenbiden and fraudci are the ones lying to us, don’t believe anything they say.

    • Big Ed

      September 14, 2021 at 4:42 pm

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Having “experts” telling you what to do and then finding out that their guidance is faulty is maddening. When a disease strikes and you want all of the information which might save your life, it’s disgusting when you discover all of the guidance was wrong. I’d rather have no guidance and wing it on my own than to have expert guidance which proves to be wrong. Every damned one of these fools from the CDC. FDA, NIH should be fired from their jobs (they are piss poor at the jobs, anyway. Some should be indicted and tried in a court of law-some of their guidance resulted in 100,000s of deaths and we counted on them-we deserve better.

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