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BREAKING: Is Fauci Teaming Up With Big Pharma To Takeover?



Contrary to what you might believe and how he might present himself, Anthony Fauci is actually not the head of the government medical arm, the National Institutes of Health. Fauci has a boss named Dr. Francis Collins who has served the NIH faithfully since 2009 under three different presidents. 

With Fauci’s boot print squarely on his back, Dr. Collins has announced he’s “stepping down.” While an interim director hasn’t been picked, the appointment will be at the discretion of the President. It is almost certain his replacement will be the COVID King himself. 

What will this mean for the future of health in America? How will things change if at all? 

Fauci has been the puppet master of the pandemic so in terms of COVID-19 related policy changes, there aren’t likely to be any. However, Fauci has a long history of withholding life-saving treatment claiming lack of efficacy and inventing safety concerns. He did so during the HIV/Aids pandemic in the 1980s and he is doing it again during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Even though there is no proof he directly colluded with big pharma when he allowed countless to die instead of receiving treatment which clinical physicians told him was effective for care, it is an interesting coincidence how pharmaceutical companies have directly benefited from Fauci’s decision to ignore on-the-ground healthcare providers. 

For example, along with Fauci the drug company, Merck, who happens to be the manufacturer of Ivermectin came out against its use to treat COVID-19 despite multiple contrary studies and support from practicing health care providers. Interestingly, Ivermectin is an old enough drug that it has a generic option meaning that Merck doesn’t make a lot of money on it. 

In a totally selfless and unrelated act (right), Merck developed a new COVID-19 treatment drug that is almost ready to go to market. It’s almost as if Merck didn’t want us to use the older drug because they wanted to make money on their new drug coming out and Fauci was very aware of that. It’s almost as if that is the obvious situation. 

So as Fauci takes the full power of the NIH the sick can rest assured he will do everything in his power to keep them from experimental treatments and dependent on large corporate pharmaceutical companies. 

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