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BREAKING: Does The Biden Administration Want Illegal Immigrants To Have Your Job?



Recently, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas released a new memo prohibiting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from conducting worksite raids for illegal aliens.

Mayorkas claims that this is to “maximize the impact of our efforts by focusing on unscrupulous employers who exploit the vulnerability of undocumented workers” and mentions a focus on “illegal acts ranging from the payment of substandard wages to imposing unsafe working conditions and facilitating human trafficking and child exploitation.”

There’s not a person in the world who doesn’t agree those things deserve attention, which is probably why Mayorkas is exploiting that particular tragedy to hide the large issue with ending workplace raids.

Those raids are an essential part of reducing illegal employment. Without fear of consequence, employers are free to hire illegal immigrants over American citizens as much as they want.

And that is probably what will happen in a time of inflation and labor shortages.

Mark Krikorian wrote about this in-depth in the National Review. It’s worth a read.

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