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Top 10 Best Thanksgiving Movies



Its that time of year again to ignore puppy killer Anthony Fauci’s stupid advice and get together with friends and family for the holidays. But as we start decorating for Christmas and throwing out our pumpkins, let us not forget that Thanksgiving is an American only holiday and therefore one of the most patriotic and important. 

But how do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Just like Christmans – albeit more limited – there are loads of great films that take place during the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are the top 10 best ones to catch as we head into the most grateful season. 

  1. Miracle on 34th Street (1994) 

Though traditionally viewed as a Christmas movie, Miracle on 34th Street kicks off at the Thanksgiving Day parade and the events of the film are all tied to the events of that morning. In the 1994 version, which I am controversially more partial to than the 1947 version, the Thanksgiving scenes play for a significant portion of both set-up and storyline plus are super cozy and delicious looking. 

  1. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 

A funny romp for the kids, Paul Blart: Mall Cop takes place on Thanksgiving and Black Friday and all of the events of the film are directly tied to Black Friday. Kevin James is a conservative ally and long-time king of slap-stick who is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving season. 

  1. Free Birds

A little on the niche and zany side, Free Birds is an animated film about a turkey who has received the traditional Presidential pardon and must go back in time to save all turkeys by making sure turkey never becomes a holiday food staple. 

Starring Woody Harelson and Owen Wilson, Free Birds is a surprising kind of weird and perhaps the only animated movie about turkeys ever made.

  1. Planes, Trains and Automobiles 

As my readers know I am a major Steve Martin stan. Planes, Trains and Automobiles is one of his many classics and the plot centers around his journey to make it home for Thanksgiving dinner despite a series of wild and funny setbacks along the way. Not to mention John Candy and Kevin Bacon – both not only incredible comedians but also food names which is perfect for Thanksgiving. 

  1. Holiday Inn

The Bing Crosby classic movie which brought the world Irving Berlin’s song, White Christmas, takes place over many holidays and Thanksgiving is one of the most important where the plot takes an important turn toward the final conclusion. With lots of fun and song and dance, Holiday Inn is a classic for a reason. 

*Skip the sequence on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday which heavily features blackface

  1. The Blind Side

First of all, Football is just very Thanksgivingy. Second, one of the major scenes of the film depicts Michael Ore having Thanksgiving dinner for the first time with his new family, the Tuohys. Sandra Bullock won her academy for this one and she should be at all of our Thanksgiving tables. 

  1. You’ve Got Mail 

You’ve Got Mail has very fall vibes even though it takes place over many seasons in New York. Plus there is an iconic scene where the heroine, Kathleen Kelly played by Meg Ryan (in perhaps her greatest role) gets stuck in the cash only line while buying Thanksgiving groceries and is saved by Joe Fox played by Tom Hanks.

  1. Rocky 

That’s right, Stalone’s greatest work, Rocky, features a pretty iconic scene featuring Thanksgiving dinner, specifically turkey. Plus the whole movie seems cold and very Philadelphia in the late fall and early winter. 

  1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 

Without question the greatest installment in all of Charlie Brown lore (only rivaled by the Great Pumpkin), A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a household staple. He literally invented Friendsgiving. You could even try out old Chuck’s version of Thanksgiving dinner with your ungrateful friends.

  1. Remember the Titans

Not Thanksgiving per say but again, football is just ever so Thanksgivingy especially high school football (idk why it just is). The film is very fall and very classic Americana. Plus they reference Abraham Lincoln who was the President who made Thanksgiving a national holiday so that ties it all together. 

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