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WOAH! This New Biden Video Is SO WEIRD



Last night, Kamala Harris casually posted a video of Joe Biden signing their disastrous “everything is infrastructure” infrastructure bill.

In it, the crowd appeared to clap for Biden.

But the video was WEIRD.

There’s a lot of little things wrong here. The blurred seal. The fake sounds. And the woman in the red scarf who appears to clap THROUGH Biden’s head.


Twitter erupted with thoughts. Is it a green screen? Is Joe a hologram? Why are they faking the president SO MUCH?

Defenders attempted to dismiss the weirdness as “a shadow.” But HOW would her fingers create a shadow across his forehead if she is clapping BEHIND him?

The whole thing looks like a high-budget animatronic Chuck E. Cheese band situation… except worse, cause at least that band SLAPPED. This administration can’t produce anything that doesn’t suck.

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