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FAKE NEWS COVER-UP! Did Chris Cuomo Abuse His Position At CNN To Hurt Women? (SPOILER: It’s Worse Than You Think)



In the race for who is the worst member of the Cuomo family, Chris refuses to be outshined by big-brother Andrew who resigned as Governor of New York in shame after allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct. It turns out that Chris Cuomo, current anchor of CNN’s primetime programming spot, went a lot further than he led on when it came to helping his brother to cover-up his alleged abuse of women. 

Contrary to his bologna apology earlier this year regarding his involvement as “advisor” to his embattled brother, Cuomo actually leaned heavily on his CNN connections to scrutinize whistleblowers and provide media coaching to the Andrew Cuomo team. According to a deposition which took place in July but was released this week, Cuomo even contacted confidential sources and other journalists trying to get information about the accusers and advanced notice of any further developments. Chris then continued to cover the unfolding story regarding his brother as a “journalist” for CNN. 

So far, CNN has not moved to fire Chris for his clear abuse of CNN’s resources, conflict of interest and problematic code of ethics but this is unsurprising considering CNN’s record of protecting sexual harrassers. They made the baffling and disturbing decision not to fire Jeffery Toobin who masturbated in front of his co-workers while on a zoom call. 

Who CNN has deemed to fire is three employees who did not want to get vaccinated. I guess the police over at CNN is: sexual misconduct? Forgivable. Medical choice? Pack your things. 

In terms of the race for worse Cuomo, Chris is moving up the inside lane.

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