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[ALERT] How’s That Liberal Vax Mandate Going? Here’s The Latest



Another major blow to Joe Biden and Big Pharma’s power grab came this week as a federal judge in Georgia struck down the mandate and issued a nationwide stay. This is a huge victory for defenders of civil liberty and opponents of medical tyranny.

The decision comes after a long string of conservative victories and mandate losses. Just last week, two federal judges dealt major blows to vaccine mandates. A federal judge in Louisiana struck down the mandate for healthcare workers as well as Medicare and Medicaid patients and a federal judge in Kentucky ruled more narrowly that the federal contractor rule would not stand in the three plaintiff states (Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee). While the ruling is narrow in scope, it sets the stage for the rule to fail across the board as lawsuits continue to progress.

Earlier in November, a federal judge issued a nationwide stay and stuck down the employer mandate for private employers as well.  

This is not stopping the left from finding any way possible to press their boots on the throats of working-class Americans. Immediately following the ruling, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio announced a vaccine mandate for employers in the city. While this will almost certainly be struck down in lawsuits, he’s counting on making people as uncomfortable as possible in the interim. It’s the progressive way or starve. 

But De Blasio and other liberal leaders can’t rest easy even with their own kind. Even democratic judges who have any respect for the rule of law at all are ruling against them. Today a New York Supreme Court judge issued a stay against De Blasio’s public employee vaccine mandate and will hear the full merits of the case on December 14. This is a major victory for the good men and women who serve the NYPD. 

Members of the Mayor’s team and the COVID-19 cult apparently do not know what a “stay” is or think they can continue to choke American citizens into compliance regardless of a court order.

As these decisions continue to come down in favor of American freedom, Joe Biden and Tony “dog killer” Fauci will have to be more creative if they want to destroy the lives of political dissenters. 

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