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BREAKING: Pelosi’s Plot To Takeover The Senate



As the end of the year approaches, Nancy, the desperate leader of the fractured left, or Ms. Pelsoi, if you’re nasty, is exponentially increasing her tricky work-arounds to move the progressive agenda as far as she can while circumventing the rules which were put in place to stop this very kind of partisan action.

Just last week Free Press Fail reported before any other conservative outlet that Pelosi was sneaking through a vaccine database on a procedural runaround called “suspension.” Now she’s trying to make it easier to increase the nation’s debt by sticking a rule change in the annual defense budget. 

Reports say that Nancy Pelosi is attempting to add a provision to the National Defense Authorization Act (the annual defense budget) which would allow the Senate to pass a debt ceiling increase with only 51 votes instead of the normally required 60 votes. Even though allegedly the measure would be allowed for a “one time only” debt ceiling increase, we all know that it would set a precedent that once established could never be clawed back. 

As the United States charges its proverbial credit card so high we will never be able to claw our way out and inflation sores burdening the everyday lives of American citizens, our Congressional representatives should wise up to these types of games and ensure the proper checks and balances are in place to protect the economy. 60 votes are required in the Senate because that means a true majority of Americans support the action. 51 vote thresholds are dangerous and almost always result in controversial policies which damage the country and its values.

But nice try, Nancy. 

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