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BREAKING: Pelosi sneaking vax track legislation tonight



Nancy Pelosi is planning an end-run push for vaccine tracking and propaganda pushing tonight as Congress comes back into session after Thanksgiving. On the schedule are two bills that would expand the government’s reach to push vaccines on the already well-educated public. One, H.R. 550 the Improve Immunization Infrastructure Act, would spend $400 million for the Department of Health and Human Services to “standardize” the exchange of vaccine data and centralize the standards for immunization information systems meaning they would have the power to require vaccine tracking and provide funds to states to funnel that data back to the federal government. 

The second, H.R. 951, would add pregnant and newly postpartum women to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) list of individuals to prioritize in targeting educating for vaccinations. It also requires Obstetrician offices to receive CDC vaccine campaign materials. 

While neither bill is specific to the COVID-19 vaccine, they both are certainly coming at a convenient time as Americans resist the press for  boosters and forced vaccination. The Biden administration’s desire to track dissenters and fear-monger new moms is palpable in these bills and Pelosi is more than happy to help out.

The Legislative Process: House Floor (Video) | | Library of Congress

These bills are set to be voted on tonight (November 30) under a set of special rules called “suspension” where the House of Representatives is able to pass bills “unanimously” by voice vote without ever recording the “yays and nays.” This means a bill can actually come and go from the House floor without ever truly being voted on or debated. 

Normally, “suspensions,” as they’re called, are reserved for totally bipartisan bills with no controversy that are not in need of any robust debate. These would be things such as; naming post offices or renewing annual protections for victims of domestic abuse.  Neither of these bills fit that definition and in fact, H.R. 951 does not have a single Republican co-sponsor (meaning a signatory who has signaled support). 

If Pelosi is able to sneak these bills out of the House without any debate or recorded dissent it will be all the easier for the Senate to do the same thing citing the House suspension itself as proof the bills are totally uncontroversial.