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Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Already A Deep State Runaround



The trial of Jeffrey Epstein’s close confidant, Ghislaine Maxwell, began this week behind closed doors. Maxwell stands accused of trafficking minors for sex as a partner to Jeffrey Epstein who was convicted of child trafficking shortly before he was murdered committed suicide in jail. 

Multiple accusers and the pilot who operated the private plane known as the “Lolita Express” have testified to the presence of former President Bill Clinton amongst other high profile men with Maxwell and Epstein on their plane and at their private island. 

But which other high-profile men? Will the public ever know? Will there ever be justice for the 20 years of covering up the crimes of Epstein and his elite friends who abused young girls? 

Not likely. Judge Allison Nathan is presiding over the trial and totally coincidentally (not) just days before the trial began, received a nomination to a cushy Federal Appeals Court seat from the Biden Administration at the recommendation of Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer. It was after this nomination that she made the decision to allow extensive redactions from the case to protect certain identities. Good luck finding any leftist media covering the fact of those redactions. Nathan is also deeply rooted in the democratic party as well as political hegemony generally, having formerly served as a special advisor on the Kerry-Edwards campaign as well as to President Barack Obama.

Additionally, the lead prosecutor on the case is Maureen Comey, the daughter of James Comey who was the Deputy Attorney General when Epstein received his controversial plea deal in Florida. A plea deal which was hung around the neck of Alexander Acosta who simply worked as a U.S. Attorney representative in Florida but a deal which could never have been reached without the sign-off of his supervisor, James Comey. 

Even if Maxwell is convicted the true justice for the American people is to know the names of the powerful men and women who abused their power and illegally bought and sold underaged women for their sexual whims. 

But as it stands, it seems like those who stand to lose a lot have things pretty well wrapped up.