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BREAKING: Biden Has Really Done It Now! Latest Announcement Has Even His Most Loyal Supporters FREAKING OUT



Just when you thought Joe Biden’s polling numbers couldn’t get worse, he went and did something to piss off the few remaining supporters he has.

It turns out that Biden’s multi-trillion dollar ‘Build Back Better’ bill will NOT include any plans to forgive student loan debt. In fact, he’s not even planning to extend President Trump’s moratorium on student loan payments.

This is a direct contradiction to campaign trail Joe who said “I’m gonna eliminate a lot of your student debt… I’m gonna make sure everybody in this generation gets 10k knocked off of their student debt.”

Now that young liberals know that was a lie, they’re letting him HAVE it on Twitter.

Many students feel misled and pretty angry about how the money IS being spent.

No student loan forgiveness but we will give $12,500 in tax credits to people who can afford electric cars. $250 billion dollars will go straight to friends of Nancy Pelosi who want their State and Local Tax deduction back. Billions will go towards crazy programs like “tree quity” and workplace propaganda programs.

Let this be a lesson to all young dems: your guy is a big liar and he doesn’t care about you.