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Watch Kyle Rittenhouse Totally Crush It



On Monday Kyle Rittenhouse participated in a panel put on by Turning Point, USA at the AmericaFest (Amfest) in Phoenix, Arizona. He totally crushed it.

After recounting his story and talking about his time through the trial and indicating his intention to sue the media outlets who falsely accused him of monstrous crimes and qualities, he received a standing ovation from the conservative crowd. 

A crowd of about 6,000 in attendance welcomed the teen with chants of his name and the conservative community including Rep. Lauren Boebert all made sure he knew that his right to defend himself, his town and his property were protected by the constitution and he had the support of most Americans. 

Haters on the left couldn’t stand the support conservatives are showing to Rittenhouse after all he’s been through. They compared his entrance to the entrances made by professional wrestlers at the WWE as if that was somehow an insult (WWE is fun for all ages). The leftist media outlets who already have been sued and had to settle with Nicholas Sandmann (who you may recall they tore apart for standing still and not harming a counter-protesters who was an adult man at a March for Life rally in DC) are still writing hit pieces about Rittenhouse – stating factually that he shot and killed two men but failing to include that he did so in proven self-defense or that the two men were both convicted violent criminals. 

The leftist media keeps seeking out the “Republican” elite who betrayed conservatism long before Kenosha to get their takes as “republicans” and they are predictably siding with the left, condemning Rittenhouse for exercising his right as an American to protect himself from violent agitators. Ashley Pratt Oats is an Independent who left the Republican party but is still a leader of the “Republican Women for Progress” (ew). She felt the need to weigh in saying to NBC that celebrating Kyle was akin to celebrating violence. People like Oates are a reminder to conservatives that some of the intellectual poison comes from much closer than the left.

Watch his standing ovation here as the crowd celebrates the second amendment and our right as Americans to protect our own. 

🔴LIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse LIVE At AmericaFest 2021 by Turning Point USA 🟠⚪🟣 The NPC Show – YouTube