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Who Is Evangeline Lilly And Why Do We Need To Have Her Back?




Last weekend there was one of many anti-vaccine mandate protests in DC and among participants was movie star, Evangeline Lilly (Ant-Man and Wasp, The Hobbit). Lilly has been an outspoken opponent of vaccine mandates and believes Americans have agency over their own bodies. 

Of course, the left cannot have this. Lilly is a Hollywood elite and as a Hollywood elite she must drink from the cup of tyranny and progressivism or be publicly flogged. The left media has called Lilly’s civil disobedience and open dissent of the government “dangerous” and classified her as a “conspiracy theorist.” 

Though Lilly is a self-proclaimed pro-choicer who does not fit the mold of the typical conservative ally, she deserves the support of our community. She has bravely risked her extremely lucrative career to protect herself and others from government overreach. She, like all of us, believes that no one should be forced to inject anything into our bodies at the risk of losing our livelihoods and the ability to participate in society. And she has the right to espouse those beliefs and criticize her government without the risk of losing everything. 

Lilly is not the first powerful celebrity to come forward against the mandates, and not even the first Avenger. Leticia Wright from Black Panther has been critical of the lack of transparency involved with vaccine information and questioned the safety of vaccines much to the ire of the liberals. 

Additionally celebrities like Aaron Rodgers from the Greenbay Packers, and Nicki Minaj a popular musician, have consciously dissented to participate in vaccine worship. 

Celebrities like Evangeline Lilly and the others listed here may not agree with us all the time, and they may have a lot more resources than us to fight back, but we should welcome all allies and Evangeline Lilly deserves applause for taking a stand. 

Thank you Evangeline! (And Letticia and Aaron and Nicki) 

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