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I Watched The NFL Playoffs And Here Is 8 reasons Why They Were Fun



The NFL has struggled as of late with many problems from kneeling players during the national anthem to vaccine mandates to players union disputes. But the game is still the game and many American families have rallied behind allied players and teams to keep the tradition of American football alive. 

To that end, there was recently a big playoff weekend where the teams who will be playing in the Super Bowl were determined in tournament-style play. 

Here are the best moments (spoiler alert I guess?) 

  1. Tom Brady overshadowing the games by flirting with retirement 

Looks like the best quarterback in the NFL and rumored MAGA American, Tom Brady, will be retiring. With seven Super Bowl championships behind him, he did not make it to the Super Bowl this year but he still managed to be all anyone wanted to talk about on playoff weekend. Whether you love him or you’re liberal, Tom Brady makes any sports event a better sports event.

  1. The Bengals big comeback 

The Cincinnati Bengals took on the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City and it didn’t start off very strong for the cool cats and kittens from Ohio. The Chiefs took an early lead, absolutely dominating the Bengals with three sequential touchdowns on each possession. But the Bengals must have gotten some kind of Ted Lasso quality pep talk at half time because they came back out with power, totally shutting down the Chief’s offense only allowing 33 yards by close to the close of the 3rd. They brought the score to a 24-24 tie and then managed an interception when the Chief’s won the coin toss for overtime. A great and unexpected victory for the Begnals. 

  1. Deebo Samuel’s big play

Deebo Samuel may have been playing for the losing team, the San Francisco 49ers, but he came through for them in one of the best plays of the night. Dodging countless defenders and defying the odds, Samuel ran the full 44 yards to make the first points of the night for San Francisco. 

  1. Joe the Tiger King 

Joe Burrow is the fresh faced quarterback for the Bengals AND he used to play for the Louisiana State University Tigers making him a Tiger King in his own right. The memes abound. 

  1. Los Angeles Rams headed to their home stadium 

It’s not often that a Super Bowl participating team gets to play at home on the big day. The LA Rams clinched that privilege in a defense driven victory against The San Francisco 49ers. This at-home showing could be just what LA needs to get their fans a little more excited.   

  1. Best pals Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods

Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods (aka Bobby Trees) are both receivers for the LA Rams. Kupp scored the most points for the Rams ultimately offering a major assist to the team winning and heading to the superbowl. But his best friend and colleague, Robert Woods, is injured and was unable to play in the game and will not be playing in the Super Bowl which is a pretty devastating blow to any professional football player. The two shared a hug of brotherhood at the end of the game acknowledging all Woods contributed to the team and the loss he must be feeling.

  1. The continuation of of the Brittany Matthews saga

It’s a long standing NFL tradition to hate the NFL wives and girlfriends (see Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo). Brittany Matthews the fiance to Kansas City’s boy-next-door, Patrick Mahomes. She also owns the Kansas City soccer team, Current. But she’s known around the city as a bit of a party girl with a big personality. When the Chief’s beat the Buffalo Bills last week she sprayed champagne over the crowd beneath her to some mixed reviews. The city held its breath waiting for her reaction to the loss and while she didn’t say much, her presence makes the game politics a lot more interesting. 

  1. Matthew Stafford’s journey

Rams QB Matthew Stafford played a whopping 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions, never once winning a single playoff game until this year when he was traded to the Rams. The story isn’t necessarily an uncommon one (Think Alex Smith) but it’s always satisfying to see a player live up to their potential in the right conditions. 

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