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I watched over 30 movies this month here are the best and worst



As The Conservative Critic I don’t think it’s any shock to any of you that I watch a lot of content. Hella content. If it’s out, I try to see it. But even with all the effort I put into being relevant for the good conservative movie and TV viewers of the world, I still manage to watch the same 5 shows on repeat, missing out on literally endless hours of content I have at my fingertips. 

My new year’s resolution this year was to limit repeat watching and try to watch movies and TV I haven’t seen before as often as possible. 

To that end – I watched 30 movies I had never seen before (some old, some new) in January. 

Here are the best and worst: 

Best: CODA 

I gave CODA a full review for Oscar watch this year. A unique and heartfelt story about a hearing girl with deaf parents, CODA is simple and special. Definitely worth checking out on Apple TV+. 

Worst: Basmati Blues

At first I liked this movie because I thought it was a joke. Then I realized it was not a joke. The 2018 anti-GMO musical about a white American scientist who goes to India to sell a GMO rice grain is very weird, probably racist and definitely trite. Pass on this one. 

Best: Breaking News in Yuba County 

Breaking News in Yuba County is loads of gallows humor fun about a woman who wants the attention people get when loved ones go missing. The critics absolutely hated it, so I never ended up watching it last year when it came out (and they had some good points) but ultimately I think it was colorful and funny and Allison Janey can do no wrong. 

Worst: The Lost Daughter 

This was a very arty and intellectual movie billed as a thriller about an unstable woman, a lost toy and a vacation on the beach. I opted not to review for you fine readers because I determined I didn’t think it would make the Oscar Best Picture nomination even though it was very buzzy for some of the other categories. Frankly I found the whole thing so confusing I don’t think I have the intellectual or emotional tools to even try to review it for you. And that should really say it all. 

Best: My Cousin Vinny 

A classic film most people have seen, I only got around to it this month and I was glad to finally have experienced it. My Cousin Vinny is a charming comedy of errors following two young men who were at the wrong place at the wrong time and need help from their cousin, Vinny, who just became a lawyer a few weeks earlier. Between the plucky Marisa Tomei (who won an Oscar for her role) and the wise talking Joe Pesci, there’s nothing not to like. 

Worst: The Tender Bar 

I gave this a full review because of the big campaign Ben Affleck has been on for an Oscar and truly it was quite a bad film. And Ben Affleck was not exceptional by any means. It’s about a boy whose dad sucks and his uncle is nice to him. Been done a zillion times. 

Can’t wait to see what treasures and clunkers February has to offer! Send your recommendations to @Free_PressFail or me @jennifer_zilla on twitter!

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