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BREAKING: Jeff Zucker Resigns From CNN & The Reason Is WEIRD



On Wednesday morning, Jeff Zucker officially resigned as the President of CNN and chairman of WarnerMedia’s news and sports division.

He stated that his reason was a failure to disclose a “consensual relationship with a close colleague” that came to light during another investigation at the network.

He didn’t name names, but soon after the announcement was made CNN’s resident potato Brian Stelter jumped in to fill in the blanks. He claims the affair was with Allison Gollust, the chief marketing officer for CNN.

As news surrounding the resignation swirled on social media, the details got WEIRD.

Sources claim that the relationship began when Gollust was married and Zucker was also married.

It’s unclear what was ACTUALLY going on between that particular couple (or quad-uople) but something must be in the perverted water at CNN. They’ve lost several anchors and high-profile managers in the last quarter, including King Douche Chris Cuomo and Jake Tapper’s alleged pedophile producer.

The relationship between Golluck and Zucker might have even been beneficial to the serial predators at the network!

Disgusting stuff. I would boycott the network but you can’t boycott what you’ve never watched.