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The Artificial Celebration of Jen Psaki



Jen Psaki left the White House today after serving not even one half of one term for Joe Biden (that’s right America, we’re not even halfway). The media is celebrating her tenure as if she is some kind of hero of course but the truth lies between the lines. 

Psaki even had the gaul to pat herself on the back as she departed indicating that the Trump administration didn’t do daily press briefings whereas she, the great and powerful, had conducted them on a daily basis. The media pointed out that Psaki has conducted 224 press briefings which is more than all of President Trump’s press secretaries combined. 

While this is factually true, what it doesn’t say is that President Trump gave his own briefings whereas Joe Biden is nowhere to be found ever and can only speak if he is reading (or squinting at and kind of understanding) a script. In just his first year, President Trump gave 92 press briefings/outreaches whereas Joe Biden has only given 22 so far in his year and a half in office. This doesn’t even account for how often President Trump addressed the nation voluntarily and his robust twitter account which was managed by him personally and a direct outlet between the American people and their president. 

The press was also quick to mention how much more congenial their relationship to Psaki was compared to previous administrations. However, at no time in Psaki’s tenure did the leftist media launch themselves into soliloquy refusing to yield the microphone to those who had real questions like they did repeatedly when Trump was giving his own press briefings. In fact, even conservative media personalities treat Psaki respectfully (even when she didn’t) whereas liberal outlets never showed President Trump or his secretaries an ounce of respect.  

So we wish Jen Psaki well over her fat paycheck for a job at MSNBC. But she is no hero because she has colluded with the Party and the Party loyal media to cover up for Joe Biden who cannot manage to run the country himself. 

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