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Fire Island Fight: Pop the popcorn cause the feminists and the gays are beefing 



It’s a well know fact (we’re defining my opinions as facts for the purposes of this article) that older more principled feminists and the LGBT community (paritcularly gay men and transwomen) don’t always get along. Unless they’re trying to take our guns or kill our unborn children. And boy do I love it when they fight. 

Hulu recently released the film, Fire Island which I have not seen and on which I cannot critically comment but is a gay rom-com redo of Pride and Prejudice set on a famous gay friendly island in New York, Fire Island. The film does not meet the Bechdel test standard which asks three key questions: 1) Does it have more than one woman? 2) Do two women speak to each other/have dialog? 3) Is that dialog about something other than a man? The test is used often in the feminist community to determine the merit of the lens used in making a film re: does it value the female voice?

NY Mag’s Hanna Rosin and subsequently Twitter feminists have give Fire Island an “F-” on the Bechdel test and boy are the gay men mad. 

I do not care much about the Bechdel test (I prefer the liberal propaganda meter at the Conservative Critic) though it is clearly a credible measure on whether or not women are in/valued in any given film. I also have not seen Fire Island (it might be great I have no idea) and do not care about angry gay men on Twitter.

What I do care about, and deeply love, is when too annoying progressive power houses fight. The more they fight with each other, the less time they have to do stupid things that annoy me like hire drag queens to read to small children, shut down the entire economy, and scream while wearing ugly pink hats.

The gay men and their sympathizers online have risen to their occasion to express their defiance in being criticized for any wrong doing because the movie wasn’t made for women. After all, the Bechdel test has NEVER been wielded unfairly against a film whose target demographic was not women. If a woman feels marginalized or like there are patriarchal values in film, she just wants everything to be about her. I assume this theory would also apply when someone points out that movies and content for small children aren’t made for the LGBT movement. 

Now not only is this one use of Bechdel ridiculous according to the LGBT dissenters online, the Bechdel test is always ridiculous and meant to be a joke. Apparently when it was used to criticize all other movies that was all just a joke. 

The LGBT community and feminists have been mad at each other for a while now with the interests of the trans movement often at odds with the interest of feminists. Where feminists have worked hard to ensure women can, for example, compete in athletics in college at the same rate as male counter parts despite interest disparity – the trans movement has argued biology does not factor into competitive athletics. That is only one example of many that has pitted the two communities against one another. 

But the feminist supporters clapped back taking issue with the notion that because the film is gay it shouldn’t value women.

Ultimately, Rosin was cyber-bullied (muahaha) into an apology and the progressive big dog in the school yard (LGBT community) restored order. 

Regardless of Bechdel, gay rights and other progressive ways to measure a films merrit – this beef is a happy reminder of how out of touch the progressives really are. 

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