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WOAH! Did Giuliani Just Get Slapped Or Not? You Decide.




Rudy Giuliani claims he was slapped at a grocery store while campaigning for his son in New York. Americans are obsessed with slapping lately. First we had the slap heard around the world, Will Smith v. Chris Rock, and now this. 

Video has surfaced of the alleged slapping of Giuliani and I have to say: it is controversial. While it is very clear the supermarket employee did slap Giuliani with some degree of force on the back, it is unclear how forceful it was and what level of danger Giuliani was in. 

An eyewitness (regular patron of the store, Drita Rugova) of the event who is seen in the video rubbing Giuliani’s back after he was slapped says he was hit hard enough that she felt it. Primarily Rugova expressed lamentation and concern that the people of her community would treat someone so disrespectfully. 

Reminder: any form of unwanted touching is illegal and considered assault. As a rule of thumb, people should not be touching anyone without an established relationship or invitation (re: they reach out for a handshake or hug or something of the sort). Politicians, in this heightened partisan time, are more on edge about the potential for harm to come to them when out campaigning or living their lives (I mean…rabid protestors are camped outside SCOTUS justices doors threatening to kill them). So for this rude person to think he is so brave to slap Giuliana and allegedly say “hey scumbag” is quite simply, wrong. 

The left wants to downplay the slap and perhaps they are right that it wasn’t a very aggressive action. But when the tables are turned they take a very different tone. In 2016 Michelle Fields alleged she was assaulted by Trump advisor, Corey Lewandowski. CCTV video showed that Lewandowski did grab Fields’ elbow and stop her from not only following, but also touching President Trump. Michelle pressed criminal charges Lewandowski was charged with battery for this action. The charges were ultimately dropped. 

The left absolutely luxuriated in this exchange calling Trump irresponsible for not immediately firing Lewandowski (Lewandowski was fired later much to the delight of the left) and refusing to apologize. 

Now when a very similar act of assault has taken place, the left seems to have a different song. Now Giuliani should just man up cause it was that bad of a slap. Now unwanted touching actually isn’t assault and maybe it’s not that big of a deal. 

Here is the video of the incident. Do you think Giuliani has a reason to beef?