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BREAKING: All testimony in the Jan 6 Committee is meaningless including Cassidy Hutchinson and here’s why



On Tuesday of this week the democrats of the January 6 Committee plus their mascot Liz Cheney heard from their star witness, 25 year-old former White House intern, Cassidy Hutchinson. Hutchinson provided fairly dubious testimony which didn’t even meet the muster of CNN’s Jake Tapper’s sniff test. But the truth is, it doesn’t really matter if Hutchinson told the whole truth or not and no other witness matters either. 

Hutchinson testified on two key points. One that she heard from a secret service agent driving the car President Trump rode in known as “the beast ‘’ that President Trump tried to commandeer a vehicle from the secret service and force them to go to the Capitol to meet up with the rioters. Both agents inside the vehicle including the one she claims to have heard the story from are willing to testify under oath as well that this incident never occurred. She also testified that she personally heard President Trump say something along the lines of that he didn’t care that people at the Capitol were armed because they weren’t trying to hurt him.

The left finds the latter to be an absolute smoking gun to the criminality of their monster under the bed, President Trump. However, what’s weird about that piece of information is that no one who breached the Capitol that day was armed with a weapon. Out of the 700 people arrested for their actions that day (inside the Capitol) no one was charged with weapon related crimes and it wa . Only 12 protestors  in all of DC were charged with weapons crimes that day. None were inside the Capitol. Some were federal agents (specifically DEA). Even if Trump did say what Cassidy says she heard him say, it’s actually not a crime to say something inappropriate and also critically: he was incorrect. If anything her testimony would prove he was not in the loop with the group that breached the Capitol since he would be incorrect about the situation. 

All of that being said, her testimony doesn’t matter. Her oath of truth doesn’t matter. This proceeding is not a criminal investigation. It is not a court of law. Never in history has a Congressional hearing successfully uncovered actual chargeable crimes that were not uncovered already by law enforcement and never have they not used their authority to hold hearings in this way without political motivation. That is fact on all sides about all issues. However in most of these episodes of political theater including the hearings related to Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton, a robust group of both parties participated so that there was some level of cross examination of witnesses. So there was at least the tiniest shred of credibility and meaning to their oaths. 

The January 6 committee includes only democrats and two republicans who already expressed their bias that they believe that President Trump and his staff are responsible for the Capitol breach. It is extremely interesting how similar this model is to the House Unamerican Activities Committee in its early inception. This means no one on the committee represents the interests of the accused (President Trump) meaning there isn’t even an appearance of objectivity. 

Swearing to tell the truth under oath to the people who believe you already your story with no chance of answering any difficult question which may derail your narrative is not hard to do. It would be like if in a trial the prosecution got to call witnesses and the defense never got to question them on their story. It would be a very different outcome for the jury. For this reason, not just Hutchinson, but literally any witnesses who testify here have absolutely no credibility in any objective way. And anyone with any intellectual honesty would argue that they do.

So Cassidy Hutchinson isn’t a villain. She just doesn’t matter. Nothing has been learned from a one sided interview with people who already believed her. And that goes for everyone else who’s been through. 

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